Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions from my brides and grooms.

Payments & Package Inclusions

Each wedding has a limited allocation for travel within the Melbourne metropolitan region. All travel cost (if any) are disclosed upfront once your timeline form has been updated with all the addresses of the day. If you have a wedding with extra travel involved please discuss this with me when we meet, special and reasonable arrangements can be made in most cases.

Albums can be sourced from many suppliers. I only use reputable suppliers. My suggestion through experience is to receive your photos, pick your favourite images. Then book in a time to discuss the best option for your personalized wedding album. Tell me your budget left after the expense of a wedding. I guarantee we can source you the best album for your hard earned money. Standard 10”x10” Ten spreads (two pages), Twenty page flush mount album starts from $500.

Yes every wedding is different and unique, individual packages can be catered for individual needs. I strongly recommend to book in for a ‘relaxed’ meeting at my studio, after over 1000 weddings I have much information that will help you plan your day to perfection

No, my packages are all inclusive. The only extras added are traveling/parking/toll costs that run over an above the allocated amount set aside in the package for your wedding. These would all be discussed in pre-wedding meetings. If an album is included in the package this
includes the photos that go in the album and the quoted number of pages and sides.

Questions About the Images

I quote one to two months depending on season and size of the wedding. I generally post a few photos on Facebook for you to show your family and friends. The average turnaround time is 8 weeks. Just long enough for you to be really surprised when you sit down after your amazing honeymoon.

I do not supply RAW images to clients; we supply only high-resolution JPEG files. We shoot everything in RAW format. We convert and correct if required in post-production. These RAW files are my artistic ‘recipe’ as such and cannot be given to clients.

This is impossible to say, as every wedding is different, but you will receive unlimited images taken on the day, and I take lots of photos! Remember with me you will get all photos I take in colour and a duplicate set in B/W. I guarantee at least 100 photos per hour

All the photos you receive are in high resolution. Generally these are 6000 pixels on the longest edge. Six times the resolution of a ‘full HD’ TV, these can be printed to extremely large sizes if required. You will need roughly 65 gb on your PC to fit them on. If you receive a quote saying ‘all images on CD’ they will be very low resolution and only be able to printed to 6″ x 4″  size.

With me you receive all photos I take on the day, minus eyes closed and blinking shots. All edited in high resolution with no watermarks.

No need to get proofs, with my service you receive every image I take on the day minus eyes closed photos. I can, if required place a low-resolution online gallery up after my editing is complete if you have overseas family. We can also provide a proof book if you require one.

I use a two-part process, we edit every image taken on your wedding day in ‘Lightroom’ for colour, clarity, contrast and noise reduction, to make sure every photo you receive is perfect. I remove only eyes closed and blinking photos. I then run my unique processes combining stunning Black & White photos and a combination of HDR Skin smoothing/ colour pop and sharpening to make sure you look your best, I use the latest techniques and processes. Please note: I do not modify body shape unless asked specifically for this, this is an extra service.

Copyright is shared between Mark Dayman Photography and the client. You have the copyright to use the images for personal use, printing, I hold the commercial copyright, any images to be supplied to third party wedding suppliers for commercial use must have my ‘Mark Dayman Photography’ watermark attached or be credited with a link to one of my may websites/social media pages

Questions About the Service

Mark Dayman will only photograph your wedding, I use an assistant if required for candid photography and general help. I do not use contract photographers at all. Bigger companies generally use contract photographers, this maximizes their profit margin. They pay each contract photographer around $500 for a full days wedding. Regardless of who you hire, I would strongly suggest using and experienced sole trader, who’s name is on the door. This way you know you are getting a truly personalized service from someone who does care how your photos turn out. And has the personality to make your day enjoyable.

Yes, thank you I do require a meal if I am present during meal times. If your photography finishes after the entrée, no main meal will be required. Wedding photography is extremely demanding, so your understanding is appreciated. Please note if you choose the assistant option he/she would require a meal also

Extra time is charged at $300 per hour. This includes all editing and retouching. My unlimited package is a true unlimited package, meaning no time restriction on the day of your wedding (8am-midnight).

It rains at a lot of weddings here in Melbourne; you need not worry about this, I will have a backup plan for every wedding I do. I have shot at almost every location around Melbourne and have a great knowledge of where we can go in case it does rain.

Yes, no and maybe. Yes they certainly can take photographs during the wedding and proceedings. No, I don’t allow other photographers on your personal bridal party shoot, it distracts the clients and is generally confusing for everyone involved. Maybe, you should also think about having an ‘unplugged’ ceremony, meaning no photographs during the service other than professional ones. The web is full of ruined professional photos due to guests with iPhones getting in the way and going into the ‘sacred’ aisle when the bride is walking down. Just remember once you start that walk if someone does jump into the aisle I cannot go up and get him or her, it is impossible. I do recommend asking your celebrant to tell the guests before hand what your wishes regarding this are.

Relax, if you think of my job then you would realise 95% of people I photograph don’t like their photograph being taken. Wedding photography is not only about being technically adept at taking photographs; you also need an outgoing relaxed personality. Yes I will ‘pose’ you but I will do it in a way you won’t even notice. My job is to bring your personalities out in the photos. You don’t get that by bossing people around and making them feel uncomfortable.

I personally take all the photos, I sometimes use an assistant (additional option) for candid photography and general help. If you require two photographers please let me know and one can be arranged. In my experience I have never needed two photographers, I can show you many full wedding examples to relax you. The more people around you and the bridal party means the day will be less relaxed. Having huge photo and video teams demanding time with you is not the way to have a ‘relaxed’ wedding day

We have worked with many of Melbourne’s top Videographers and always work together with them to get the best possible result for you. We can recommend many top Videographers your Video and Photo Booth needs. I have a strong supplier base. Feel free to contact me so I can put you in touch.

I do have options available to record the entire ceremony, speeches and first dance for you. I do have 4k video cameras and all the necessary equipment to perform this task if you want a simple basic video. (I would recommend taking up the assistant option if this is required)

I always suggest we meet and get to know each other, you can view my work and we can discuss the plan for your big day. Every wedding is different, so we can design a unique plan tailored specifically for your wedding day. Sometimes it is not possible for clients to meet, don’t worry we can talk via email and Skype and still get the best plan for your wedding day.

Just send me a confirmation email stating that you would like me to photograph your special day, I will then send my Terms and Conditions to you with all the deposit and payment details enclosed. I will also send you our fantastic little ‘Helpful Hints’ guide to help with the planning of your wedding day. I only require a $500 deposit to confirm a wedding date.

About the Photographer

I use three Sony Pro Cameras and 7 Professional series lenses. Each camera has a backup card installed so every shot is backed up instantaneously. In the event of a breakdown (has never happened). I also carry four flashes to every wedding and numerous other interesting lights

Yes, I am a full time professional accredited photographer, and have been for 12 years now. I work 100% for my business, I work no other job. I have been photographing weddings in Melbourne since 2006. I have photographed over 1000 happy couples and have never had a bad review. Please see my testimonial page

‘People and emotion’ I classify myself as a ‘modern portrait photographer’ My soul aim is to capture your personality within the story of your wedding. I can pose you if required and remain candid also, Classic and contemporary or modern are all part of my style, but generally it is always a mixture of everything. This way you don’t limit your possibilities.

Yes we have been a member of ABIA (Australian Bridal Industry Academy) for 8 years as a full time professional photographer. I have been a wedding photographer for 12 years now and have photographed over 1000 weddings.

Two time ABIA wedding photographer of the Year 2018 and 2014. Eight time top 5 finalist, two time runner up and Three time top 3 in Australia