About Mark Dayman – Wedding Photographer

“I want my clients to have a total wedding experience”

My Story

I know you may have looked at hundreds of photographers and are thinking ‘what is different about me’? Hopefully my words below and my photographs will help you to understand a little of who I am, and what is important to me.

First and foremost, only I photograph your wedding day, I am one of the few remaining professional photographers that do not use contractors . I believe in a keeping a consistent quality to all of my work. I have been a wedding photographer here in Melbourne and overseas for 12 years. I have photographed over 1000 weddings.

The fact that I have been rated at over 99.94% by my brides and grooms for four years consecutively at ABIA awards and ranked #1 in Australia, means my clients are happy. Yes, budget is all important these days. So I aim to keep my prices fair and affordable to everyday clients. My packages are priced at the very minimum I can properly service your wedding day. I work from my home with my family, thus I can keep the costs lower to my clients.

I studied photography at 15 years old, starting on film through photojournalism. People skills are what is important as a wedding photographer. I run workshops and train new photographers in the art. My main message is forget about the camera and focus on your subjects.

Yes, I can and will help pose you for your ‘classic’ wedding shots if you want, but generally I will just be there capturing your day with you. Maybe offering suggestions to help you make the most of your special day.  Catching the smiles, the tears, and the family and friends you have chosen to share it with.

As a husband and a father or three children I am truly blessed to be able to capture so many precious moments over the years. I know I would love to capture yours.

My Passion

Please take the time to read my testimonial page, Visit my Facebook ABIA  and Easy Weddings. These are all real couples, who I am very proud to say I have photographed.

My recent achievements in winning the best wedding photographer in Australia in 2018 and in Victoria at the 2018 and 2014 Victorian ABIA awards,  are my proudest moments.  Not because I was awarded, but because my past brides and grooms rated my service at 99.94% over 4 years. This humbles me.

I simply love my work, to know that my clients are truly happy means the world to me. I am an sole trader not a big company. My business ethic is simply customer satisfaction and I just love knowing my brides and grooms are happy.

But why does experience count? “I know a friend who has a Pro camera maybe I should use them?”. These are good questions and very real scenarios in today’s wedding industry. As you can imagine in 1000 weddings I have encountered every scenario imaginable. Weddings rarely run smoothly, but if I can offer a word of advice. Plan your day the way you want, love your partner and remember the day for its true meaning. You don’t have to be anything but your true self. This is who your partner fell in love with and this is why you are getting married. Good photos will come naturally

Wedding photography is simply the hardest form of photography, to trust your only physical memories to someone with no experience is unthinkable. I can help plan your wedding from start to finish or offer you the best suppliers in the city. Your wedding photographer is at your day from start to finish. Your photos are the only real documentation of your special day.