Pre-Wedding Photos

Pre-Wedding Photography by Mark Dayman. Make the moments that matter the most count

Pre wedding photography packages are an affordable way to get beautiful images to show at your wedding. And a great way to get to know your photographer before your wedding day

Mark Dayman Photography, capturing your total wedding experience

Affordable Pre Wedding Photos:

$300 Per Hour
You receive all photos taken within the hour/s (Average photos taken is 300 per hour)

All photos taken fully edited in colour

A complete Black and White Photoshop Set from original images

A complete Photoshop set from the original images. This  includes Skin Smoothing and colour enhancement

Package price does not include travel and parking costs

$50 per hour travel time

Parking (if applicable) is at the clients expense and not included in the package.

No toll roads are included in travel

Pre wedding photo sessions can be simple casual occasions, formal or even full bridal dress. The choice is yours.

If you are in an all in one venue then getting various locations with different styles can be a great way to bring diversity to your total wedding experience.

Hair and makeup is a must,  these are ‘proper’ photo shoots I shoot them exactly I would any wedding day. Please see my supplier list or let me organise one for you.

Why not coincide your makeup trial and your pre wedding photo shoot? you will need a trial no matter what.

Need to hire a wedding dress? Ferrari Formal is a good place to start I also know many custom dress designers.

Veils or matching formal dress scarves are a good idea to create that dramatic look

If you are going all in with a wedding dress you will need flowers, a simple fake bouquet will suffice or go all out and purchase a real bouquet

Guys, well you need a good suit or smart casual clothes

Many different options are food for thought, trash the dress? Why not jump in the ocean, I will get in with you and get the most amazing images, not possible on wedding days