Wedding Photography Training

About the Trainer

Hello I am Mark Dayman one of Australia’s leading Award Winning Wedding and Portrait photographers with over 12 years experience and 1000 weddings.

Mark Dayman Photography offers group training and one on one on the job intensive wedding photography training, using my unique techniques.

Wedding Photography is traditionally known as the hardest form of photography, simply because you need to be able work and think on your feet very quickly.

It is not about the camera it is about people and emotion.

What will you learn?

I will explain everything from basic camera settings to advanced on location lighting techniques. Posing clients, both intensive and relaxed.

Equipment and choosing the right tool for the job. I also have a special ‘studio’ session available to learn some great studio techniques to get you started in the right direction.

Mark Dayman offers a one day intensive training course with the use of at least one model/bride and groom (not available all year round).

For the more advanced I offer an introduction to Wedding Photography where you actually come along with me for a full wedding day as ‘unobtrusive’ second shooter.

I have courses in advanced Lightroom and Photoshop Editing techniques, editing is just as important as camera skills.

Simply click this link to contact me leaving your details. I will be in touch to discuss your personal training.

Up and coming events…

Sunday 19th November, 2017

Spend the day with me covering all aspects of wedding photography!

Day involves morning briefing session where I will focus on camera gear, settings and your different levels of experience and expectation.

2 hour photo-shoot with one of my real Bride and Groom’s.
Afternoon briefing where we will discuss and critique the photo-shoot.

For those who want to stay a little longer I will be running a Lightroom workflow RAW correction workshop (extra charge will apply). The course is limited to 12 students only.

Want to start your career as a

wedding photographer?